I went through the process of migrating to new hardware, as per the instructions in the admin manual:

Novell Doc: ZENworks 11 System Administration Reference - Replacing an Existing Primary Server with a New Primary Server

I had difficulties restoring the certificate-authority that I was eventually able to resolve.

I tested deployment of a bundle, verified policies were working, and tested imaging. All seemed to be successful. However, now, I am testing agent deployment on a new client, and although the install is successful, it does not register with the Zone. I can manually register it and then applications and policies seem to work, but remote control, file transfer, and remote restart do not seem to work. I have tried this on multiple machines and the exact same results on each.

The error I get when attempting to remote control one of these workstations (after registering it manually), is Initialization of encryption for the session failed. Unable to Proceed

I am out of ideas, any suggestions anyone may have will be greatly appreciated.