I am using the GroupWareTypeLibrary. Based on the Novell Developers' Guide http://www.novell.com/developer/GWDevGuide.pdf I see that the Object "Message" has several methods declared. There are 6 types which inherits from Message, one of them is Appointment. The guide defines the methods and variables specific for Appointment, however when I do my code I don't have a few methods defined in the guide. I need two notifications :


However, If I create a Mail object I do have NotifyWhenCompleted .

This is my code:

GroupwareTypeLibrary.Application gwapplication = new Application();
GroupwareTypeLibrary.Account objAccount gwapplication.Login(credentials);
GroupwareTypeLibrary.Folder objMailBox = objAccount.MailBox;
GroupwareTypeLibrary.Messages objMessages = objMailBox.Messages;
GroupwareTypeLibrary.Appointment objAppointment = (Appointment)objMessages.Add("GW.MESSAGE.APPOINTME NT", "egwHigh", null);

objAppointment.NotifyWhenAccepted This is not Defined.

If anyone could help me solve that,