I'm having a great deal of trouble with the NalWin custom caption option /C.

I use this option in this manner:

${ProgramFiles32}\Novell\ZENworks\bin\nalwin.exe /NORM /R /S /D /C="Apps for ${FullName} on %COMPUTERNAME%"

This actually applies randomly, but once it succeeds once, there is a registry entry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Netware\Nal\1.0\CustomC aption from that point on so that it no longer matters if it works. Even without the /C option, the custom caption is applied based on the registry value. Therefore I've found these issues...

Problem #1: by removing the /C option, you cannot prevent a custom caption and must manually remove the registry entry. If /C isnt specified, it seems the "cached" copy of this value should not be applied to the window, but its only a secondary issue because...

Problem 2: If I change the /C value, it doesnt not update consistently. In fact it seems to apply to other users as well for some reason, maybe from a cached copy of the bundle?? So students see my name on their application window instead of their own.

Problem 3: I could work around the issue by manually setting the mentioned registry entry using the variables ${FullName} and %computername% but those dont work in registry tasks. I know this was supposedly fixed in 10.3.2 so I'm guessing a fix for 11 is coming soon too?

So for now I cannot set a custom caption, and am forcing it to just say "Apps" via the registry value for now.

It seems at least 2 and 3 are bugs. Any suggestions on a workaround?