I am unable to log into our ZCC to check devices and bundles. I have attempted to login using the server name and by IP, still no go.

The server cert is good until 1/12/2021.

The error message is " An error occurred while connecting to the user source. Please make sure the user source is accessible and try again."

The server can be pinged and also you can RDP to it. Looks like all Novell services are running. Windows Firewall is not on. The server has been restart a few times, still no login on the ZCC login page.

Slight kicker for this issue as well. When a end user gets the ZCM login window, the default realm comes up network_tree. The end user attempts to login it fails. Switch the realm to thier proper domain the end user is able to login. In few cases the end users is unable to log into the ZCM agent.

Any suggestions?