I have been using a sysprep windows 7 base image with Zen10 for about a year
now with no persistent problems.

The problem seems to stem from the Dell Utility partition --- that is on
nearly all the systems I support.

I am now using/troubleshooting Zen11 imaging installed on SLES11-64 SP1.
All the workstations are Dell models of various types. Optiplex 755, 780,
Latitude D630 (so far in testing).

The process I use is fully scripted using a scripted image along with two
batch files that run in two auto admin login reboots after the initial
sysprep min-install.

The scripted image determines the workstation model which is used to set a
variaable defining an add-on image for driver installation. I also use a
number of other variables in the script to define add-on images for the
client, agent, Office, and other programs along with add-on images that
adjust the installation process, set the registration key for different
zenworks device folders as the agent is installed and to turn off the
SIDchange process after the initial image is deployed.

All goes "seems to go well" with the base and add-on images (9 total).
However, I have noticed that after deploying the add-on image that "should"
control the SIDchange process "nothing happens". The engine continues to
change the workstation SID after each add-on image is deployed.

The ultimate problem, though, is that the automated post deployment stages
of the sysprep process fail. When I watch the workstations go through the
post deployment stages I see "Setup is starting services" succeed, "Setup is
installing devices" succeed, but "Setup is installing system settings"

If I mount the drive from the failed machine in another system and inspect
the setupact.log in c:\panther, I find that following error:

RunRegistryDlls:Found entrypoint in registry at
SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\Sy sPrep\Specialize\{6a6b0fac-5606-6e68-30fc-1a64408619ba};
will try to launch 'C:\Windows\System32\spbcd.dll,Sysprep_Specialize_ Bcd'
2011-06-15 12:34:56, Info [0x0f0080] SYSPRP LaunchDll:Found
'C:\Windows\System32\spbcd.dll,Sysprep_Specialize_ Bcd'; executing it
2011-06-15 12:34:56, Error [0x0e00b3] TOOL Sysprep_Specialize_Bcd:
There was an error opening the system store.
2011-06-15 12:34:56, Error [0x0f0082] SYSPRP LaunchDll:Failure occurred
while executing 'C:\Windows\System32\spbcd.dll,Sysprep_Specialize_ Bcd',
returned error code 2[gle=0x000003e5]

After several hours of poking around and wondering if my image had gone sour
for some reason, I finally found that that at the point of failure the
process was looking for a file that should be located in the 100 meg "system
reserved" partition, and in fact the files IS located in the proper
partition. However, the installation procedure can't "find" it.

If I finally manage to remove the Dell partition and re-image everything
works fine.

Has something changed with either the imaging engine or the Dell partition?
I have been using this image for some time with Zen10 with no consistent
problems. Now suddenly it has stopped working.

My next step is to create a new image (I need to anyway using sp1) on a
machine of the type that has been giving me trouble then see if that works.

If that fails I would hate to think that I might have to remove the Dell
partition from all systems before I can image them....