Hi all, basically I've set up a couple of machines to trial out ZCM 11 and I'm having a few issues when logging in.

When I first boot up a PC and log in as soon as the Novell client appears (4.91 sp5 IR1), it takes slightly longer to authenticate and the actual log in process is around 5-7 minutes in total. I've also noticed that for some reason it won't automatically log in to the ZCM adaptive agent either.
However, if I was to leave it for a few minutes or log out and log back in with the same account, I log in within a minute without a problem and it also automatically logs me in to the ZCM adaptive agent.

Anyone have any ideas as to why it would do this? I've ruled out anti-virus.

Running Windows XP SP3
Adaptive Agent version -

The agent status is as follows:

Asset Management -
Bundle Management -
Image Management -
Inventory Management -
Patch Management -
Policy Management -
Remote Management -
User Management -

I hope that's enough information. Let me know if you need anything else.