Hi! I usually deploy MSI and apply patches later on. But, when I try to push any Acrobat Professional and Reader I always have to deploy near 10 MSP patch. So I want to make it faster. I decided to create an administrative install which I can then update to the last version. Then in the ZCC console, when it ask for the MSI in the "Install MSI" section, I upload the files I just created in my administrative point. So far so good. I also have 2 mst file for the language and settings. When it's done I try it on a test machine and I get an error about some files not being found. My question is can we deploy an administrative install using the regular "Install MSI" action? Or do I have to do it using the "Install Network MSI"? Anyone care to explain how ZENworks 11 handle this ?

Thanks in advance for the help!