Hi all,

I have recently deployed ZCM 11 on windows server 2008 R2 with a SQL 2008 R2 backend DB. I am migrating away from ZDM7 and have run through the Migration Process successfully. My User source is a windows 2003 R2 Active Directory. I am runnig the ZCM Agent patch 1.

this Migration has brought over the Apps with the correct relationships being Groups assigned to Bundles.

Problem I have is that if I run a bundle refresh on the client I get nothing except the error below. if I assign to the Device, and refresh, the bundle is there ready to go.

[BundleManager] [BUNDLE.CouldNotAddBundle] [Could not add bundle 03814cd9ee1f42ca89ae614b1c4245a1 to session] [] []

I have re-migrated, migrated clean, deleted user source, changed user source top level ou's etc, and sometimes I will get one bundle come down and then none again. aslo, if the bundle has come down for one user, it doesnt clear and is there if I log on as a different user that is not assigned to the bundle or a member of the assigned group.

I am completely stumped, I have seen this before and a user.source removal and recreated works a treat!

Anyone have any ideas? I can post the whole Debug log if that will help?