I just recently upgraded my servers from ZCM 10.3 to ZCM 11. The server upgrade went fine and seems to be working. But when I created a deployment to push the update to my satellites and workstations the update fails. The deployment is in stages with it set to go to the satellites first. It has installed on 1 of my 6 satellites. The message that the error show is:

There was a problem getting the content for this update. Make sure that this device has valid content servers configured via closest server rules and that the content replication has occured to this device's content server(s);;

And when I look at the update log on one of the satellites I see this above the error message:

Exception distributing content: Content id e5adfb8ffadb934c37eb01f116da09e0 is inaccessible.

I don't know why 1 of the satellites updated but the rest did not. Any ideas?