I have a Windows XPsp3 workstation, I have installed the ZCM11 agent, and patched it to the latest Patch 2. However; when I try to log into to the machine, I get the Novell Client log on screen, but instead of ZCM11 running the DLU policy that has been assigned to both the User, Workstation, it presents me with the Windows logon screen. It is almost like ZCM11 is being ignored. When I look at the properties of the ZCM11 agent, it shows me not being logged in, when I try to select the "login" nothing happens. How do I get logged into ZCM11, and how can I troubleshoot this issue? I have a Windows 7 machine that is logged in as the same user and it shows both user/workstation policy's as it is supposed to do so. Any ideas would be very helpful.