I have a simple application launch bundle that starts the microsoft office setup. The bundle works in XP, but not on windows 7.
(Windows 7 SP1)

It is a simple application with a command line

Command: \\svr1\INSTALL\office12pro\setup.exe
Command line parameters: /adminfile \\svr1\INSTALL\office12pro\office2007pro.msp

The error I get back on Windows 7 is:
Error launching "\\svr1\INSTALL\office12sdt\setup.exe /adminfile \\svr1\INSTALL\office12std\office2007.msp". Windows error: The network name cannot be found

So I did some testing and typed it in on the command line (including quotes) and got

The system cannot find the path specified.

Then I removed the quotes and it works..

The question I have.... How can I get zcm to NOT put quotes in a command when executing it..? or is there another fix for Windows 7???