This is what I have:

A single primary server that I created on a physical workstation. I have since converted this physical box to a VMWare virtual server. This is running the latest Zenworks 11 with the latest patches.

I am having an issue trying to change the IP address of my primary server from within the ZCC. I converted a physical box to a VMWare machine successfully to the point where everything is working but the IP address of the server that shows up in the ZCC is wrong. I noticed this when I went to image a workstation from this server and it couldn't connect to the Preboot Server. I can ping the server fine at which is the actual address of the VMWare server. When I go into ZCC it is showing which doesn't coincide with the actual server IP which is This incorrect IP is what the IP address was during the physical to virtual conversion.

I have tried a number of things to get the incorrectly recognized IP within ZCC to change but with no luck. I have made changes to the IP address on the server, I have refreshed the server within ZCC a number of times, I tried deleting the server from within ZCC but I can't because this is my sole primary server.

Does anybody have any advice to offer in this situation?