I have just installed ZCM 11 and have deployed an agent to an endpoint. The device registers ok in the ZCC, but when I logino the workstation, it logs into the domain, but I get a ZENworks login screen asking for a user name and password.

My user source is configured correctly and I am pretty sure there is no DNS issue, as I can ping the server from the workstation and vice versa.

My server is Windows 2008 standard and Desktop OS is WinXP SP 3.

The error message is as follow:

Windows Security Message
Unable to log into the ZENworks realm becuse the system has disconnected from the network and the specified credentials didnot match with the credentials cached on the system.
- You must specifiy the credentialsused to previousley log into the ZENworks realm from this system.
- If your credentials have change since last login, you must reconnect the system to the network to be able to log intothe ZENworks ealm.
NOTE: Repeated Unsuccessful attempts might clear the cahche and prevent you from loggin into the ZENworks realm.

Any help would be appreciated.