I have configured Inventory to "Collect Software File Information" on Scan Now, First Scan and Recurring Scan. I have selected option to "collect .EXE files", and checked the box beside all 3 categories. I have checked the box for "include directories with recognized products". I have not put anything in the paths to include or exclude.

I run the Scan Now on a workstation. The scan completes and there is nothing showing up for executable files which are not already known in the PRU (such as MS Office, Solitare, etc.).

I have read and tried to follow instructions for adding software to the ZENworks Knowledgebase by using Local Software Products. However since the inventory scan does not find any software that is not already in the Knowledgebase, I'm at a loss. How do I get other software to show up in inventory? (In my old ZFD 6.5 this same software shows up w/o any problem).

Zenworks Agent on client is The Inventory Agent on client is