today we tried to update our VIBE-System from version 3.0HP1 to 3.1.

Server is a SLES and we have 2 zones in our vibe - productive and testing.

During update unfortunately our server get stuck and we had to push the reset-button.
Afterwards I made Update again - successfully without errors.

Unfortunately there was an error in catalina.out - so I had to do mysql-update manually.
After this manual update it seemt to work without SSL and I made postinstallation-steps in our testing zone - all fine.
With SSL I couldn't connect to VIBE yet.

Next I wanted to do same in productive-zone - but there I couldn't login with admin any more.

In catalina.out there it says:
Authentication failure for zone 1: org.springframework.security.BadCredentialsExcepti on: Bad credentials; nested exception is org.kablink.teaming.security.authentication.Passwo rdDoesNotMatchException: Password does not match for user

What could I do to solve these two problems?

Thanks for help,