I just rebuild the deployment packages to Cumulative Agent Patch 2a as
stated in the documentation.

Now I am unable to install the rebuilt Agent in such a way, that
successful management takes place. The old - non Cumulative Agent
patched - Agent could be successfully deployed and used - the new one
seems to lack functionality e.g. the Agent does not find any handler
for handling printer policies, Remote management policies etc. and no
user can login.

I can successfully run zac retr - and it seems to login with the user
specified - but in fact no user login takes place and the logs don't
even show an attempt to logon.

So maybe sometime some real update for ZCM will come out, which is easy
to deploy and working and does not need several repatches for working -
I am really angry with the current situation - because I want to use
the software - not only test it.

With this software Novell has reached a complexity which neiher they
nor their users seem to be able to handle in a meaningful way.

W. Prindl