We are trying to upgrade our ZCM server to 11.1. Everything looks like it goes through fine but when we go to the ZCM web interface it still has the old 10.3 interface. We are able to log in and look around but all of the Bundles/Policies/Users links are gone. If I look under the Configuration then I can see under Server Hierarchy that the zenworks zcm version is still 10.3.1. If we look at the server in the Assigned system updates it has update for Zenworks 11 listed and states it is "installing update". Weird thing is it says it is install 11.0? So I have seen posts that say we cannot upgrade from 10.3.1 to 11.0, I didn't think that we were, but if we are, anyone have any ideas on how to recover it? We have a single zenworks server so this is the primary server. Thanks in advance