Hey there, I'm not sure if this is the right place for it, but I figured, that I'd maybe find people who ran into this problem over here.

Configuration I am using:
User Authentication via Novell and ZCM11. Software via ZCM11. Home Directories of Users are on Server (with Quota), therefore and beacuse of Users changing Workstations frequently, Workstation Usage via Dynamic Local Users.

Configuration I want to add:
Outlook 2010 with IMAP (Exchange is not available)

Problem I run into:
When Using Outlook with IMAP it creates .pst files with the content of the complete Mailbox locally on the Workstation (acting as if it'd be using POP).
I can redirect that .pst file from local to server, thats no problem, thing is, they tend to get big, really big and of course, I got space Quotas for Users on the Server, so I cannot go down that road. In Microsofts adm's for Outlook 2010 I found a switch to limit .pst size via GPo. Tried that, but doesnt work for me, it limits the size of the .pst as its supposed to do, but then lets me only acces Mails, which were cached into that limited .pst not any others.

What I want:
Well, obviously a way to make Outlook 2010 handle the IMAP Protocoll like its supposed to be handled, serverbased, and not poping the Mails down to the Client

Any help or hints would be very much appreciated....