Ok, long story short, this is a basic Windows 7 Enterprise image with sysprep, I sysprep the machine and grab the image using Zenworks 11. I go to pull it back down and it works on all my test models (I have 2 Dell Optiplex 745s, 755s, 960s and 980s). When I pull it down on several other 755s, they get stuck in a reboot loop with a generic stop 7b blue screen. When I put the Win7 DVD in and run a startup repair, they boot without issue. Now I pull the same exact image down on another 755 and that boots just fine. I swap the hard drive out with another brand and they work. I've tried this on 3 755s in a remote location and they all seem to be blue screening, but my test 755s aren't. I'm so confused. Think it has something to do with the ZCM image safe data on these certain hard drives? I tried clearing the image-safe data and am reimaging them again, I hope that's the issue.