Have a look at SR 10659371341 please.

First, I am being given excuses that defy the reason, then I am told that nothing is wrong with ZCM imaging performance, but only so that I could get so angry so that my response is escalated and taken seriously.

Then, I get a promise from Jason Blackett that is not kept.

I contact him seven months later, as ZCM11SP1 is in public beta and apparently the poorest performance out of all imaging solutions on the market was supposed to be fixed in this release, and I do not hear back.

Then, I contact Dave Wilkes last week, and still no reply.

To bring down the win7_x64 image in super fast network and server environment that is 35GB large compressed takes four hours. To bring the same image down using Ghost, from Win2003 share (not using the Ghost server, just the executable on the client) it takes 45 minutes. Even Clonezilla is faster, and it is FREE.

It beats me how Novell does not seem to care for what customers need from their software. As if someone at Novell still thinks there are plenty of red "N" tattoed people running the IT in the corporates worldwide to guarantee Novell the sales even though the quality and features of the product do not deserve them.

I wish Novell start taking the customer's requirements seriously and start developing the software that meets these requirements. There are many features in ZCM that are totally irrelevant to my customers, and are just nice candy that is almost never used, while the basic functionality like imaging lacks so much. And don't get me started on the corruption issue(s) that Novell cannot figure out yet (another SR, still open, plus other customers of mine experience similar things - segmentation faults etc.).