We are moving from ZfD 7 to ZCM 11 this summer and are also doing major overhauls on our network. To make things easier for our "summer help" (students) we are setting up a temporary imaging room with a standalone switch not hooked into the building network. The plan is for them to hook up 20-30 machines at a time into the switch and multicast an image to them from a master also hooked into the switch. I have successfully made bootable USB drives from the ZCM 11.0 bootcd.iso to start them up. However, when I choose "master" from the maintenance mode multicast menu, it doesn't appear to have an option to choose an image file - it defaults to using the working image on that machine's hard drive. I would like to copy a sysprepped .ZMG image file onto the master machine and simply point to it when starting the manual multicast session.

I suppose we could drop a copy of the sysprepped image on the master and only boot it from USB (preserving the sysprepped image on the hard drive for multicast distribution). It would be easier (and more desirable) if we could use an image file though. Is this possible? Did I miss the option somewhere in the menu or documentation?

Thanks for any help.