Good day.

I create C3PO addin for GroupWise at Windows enviroment.
For now my task is to read current account email address.

I searched at forum, but found nothing helpful.

I tried to read this info using IGWAccount object.

CComPtr<DIGWAddress> pDGWAdr;
CComPtr<IGWAddress> pGWAdr;
pDGWAdr->QueryInterface(IID_IGWAddress, (LPVOID*)&pGWAdr);

But I got not expected account mail address (in my case was for some PC empty for some something like this $$$....)

Also I tried use GW Token commands.
CString wsViewID = getExecutor()->ItemMessageIDFromView();
CString wsFrom = getExecutor()->ItemGetText(wsViewID, 1));

But in wsFrom will be display name for current account not e-mail address.
I tried using this display name and create new message recipient (add him by display name) and resolve it, but mail address was also empty (i think because account configured for POP3\SMTP and not exist in addressbook).

1. Is there is a way to read e-mail address for current account? (even no using GW API, maybe from windows registry or other way).
2. Is way to read account server settings exists, I mean incoming\outgoing mail server options?

I appreciate any help.
Will be great if You have chance to post some example code how to do this.

Great thanks Alex M.