I've Problems with roaming profiles.

It is perhaps not a Novell problem but anything with windows rights?

We use ZCM11: (Server: SLES11 SP1)

Client new PC with a freshly installed Windows7, all updates.
(Only Turn on file and printer sharing, anything else default, no virusscanner)
The pre-agent has been installed and then the the Novell Client 2SP1 IR7

The PC gets a "Dynamic Local User Policy" with the settings:
- Use the credentials of the user source
- (Manage existing user account - but we have none there)
- Volatile user (with no cache, meaning that the user is immediately deleted ... We have also tested with cache.)
- e-dir user should be only member of Users

The users from edir get a Roaming Profile Policy with:
- Store user profile in user's Home Directory. (which is on the OES/SLES server)

---- results ----

If the user has no centrally stored profile, then he can log on but just once!
(if "Enable Volatile User cache" also several times to the same PC)

If the user already has a stored profile, he can not log on Error: "The Group Policy client service failed the logon Access is denied"

In my view, the following happens. W7 create the user locally and want's put in the settings from a central profile in the local
Profile and can not do that.

Only when no "central profile" is there in the homedir, or if this profile does not contain the file ntuser.dat, the user can log in locally.
However, no files are used from te saved profile, for instance from the saved desktop.

I can not imagine that anyone around the world with ZCM11 on a SLES/OES Server don't use the Novell client and raoming profiles
It must therefore give a simple trick to solve the problem.
But which one? Can some one here help me?