We are having big problems with multicast from master. We are imaging using multicast from master to clients all on the same switch. We have used this method before with this imaging engine version and XP and have had no issues, but now we cant seem to get a session to complete with windows 7. Our image does take a long time now just to unicast (400min)/ At first we were getting decompression errors, so we turned off compression. Then we were getting client lost connection errors, and so we increased the "retry" and it got further but still no good. It gets to about 350min then the error we are getting now is "buffer provided for the menu was too short". The only other setting we havent tried is the "throttle" setting. Has anyone used this? The problem is this setting says its in micro-seconds but does not say what the default is so I dont know how to dial it back. Anyone tried this type of multicast and have you had any problems with large windows 7 images (40+gb)?
Thanks, BD