Please help. I am a newbie to the ZCM 11 and needed help with setting up satellite server with Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11. Our ZCM 11 server is running on SUSE Linux 11 and I'm trying to get a separate SUSE Linux 11 machine to be the Satellite server but can't get it to work. I had downloaded the Zenworks Adaptive Agent for Linux from the ZCM server and installed on the SUSE machine, but it won't register into the ZCC. When I ran the command "zac reg http://server_IP_Address" I get the error message "Unknown error while communicating with Zenworks Management Daemon." If I open the ZENworks Window, I get the error "The ZENworks Service does not appear to be running. Please restart the service and try your request again." I had spent several hours searching online but couldn't get a real solution to the issue. In addition to setting up the Satellite servers, we are also having issue with imaging to/from the server from different VLANs. Maybe this issue will be resolved once the Satellite servers are in placed. We are only a month away before school starts again and I must get this working so we can start imaging the computers. Please help. Thanks in advance.