Hello together,

like I saw there a two possibilities currently to update Zenworks 11.

1) CAP 2a
2) SP1 RC1

What would you recommend to update CAP2a or SP1 RC1 currently?
My problem is that "Install File / Install Directory" execution is not working.
For this I need this patch: NOVELL: Downloads - ZCM 11.0 - fix for 'Install Directory' action fails if changed - see TID 7008801; cannot launch bundles when 'Run only allowed Windows applications' is in force - see TID 7009039; MST fails in MSI install - see TID 7008948; 'Insta it depends on CAP 2a.

What is if I update today to CAP2a, am I able to update later to final SP1?

Thanks in Advance

V. Korschok