Hi, we are having problems with some computers that we are trying to reimage using our automate scripts under ZENworks 11. The computers are Lenovo ThinkStation S10 , type 6423-51F. Some of the computers in question have 2 disks of 232GB, some only 1 disk of 232GB, other 1 disk of 232GB and 1 disk of 160GB. The problem is that each time that we reboot the same computer the disk 0 switch for no apparent reason from /dev/sda to /dev/sdb, etc. It appears that only ZENworks have this problem. Before ZENworks, we were using ghost without any problem. Each time disk 0 was /dev/sda. Now, disk 0 can be /dev/sda at this time but become /dev/sdc on next boot! Has anyone ever seen that problem before? If so how did you fix this? By the way we are using the command img -dump to verify the status of the disks.

Thanks in advance for the help!