Hey Everyone,

Is is possible to find out which patterns the Inventory Scan uses to determine the installed Software products? (are there any local files on the agent-side with information what to look for?)
For some reason the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus Installations wont be found any longer and I so far I cant figure out why this is happening (actually a few Office 2003 Products are shown, even on freshly installed Win7 Devices which have never seen any office Installation besides 2010)

Perhabs this might be related to the Office 2003 Compatibility Pack. This one was installed accidentally and I removed it via an uninstall bundle. Seemed to work fine, but ever since then Office 2010 wont be found within the inventory.

To test this behaviour I installed a clean win7 + Office 2010 + ZCM Agent. In this case Office 2010 is found.

(ZCM 10.3.1, PRU August 2011, Client OS: Win7 Enterprise 32 Bit)