In Zen 7 we were able to set a limit in the workstation import policy to not import the workstation for a few logins because the workstation import needed user info (the username is in the workstation name). I know that the workstation names in ZCM 11 cannot have the username as part of the workstation name. We need to figure out how to make sure the workstation gets created in the correct folder. Normally the desktop group builds the workstation and we assume that we will have them install the adaptive agent. I know we can have it installed in stand alone mode where it will not register the workstation until there is a login. However, the desktop group will usually log into the workstation a few times during the build process. If that happens, the workstation will get registered in the folder for the desktop group, not in the folder for the person who will eventually get the machine.

Is there anyway to postpone registration until the machine is logged in by the assigned user?


Phil Goldwasser
Lead Platforms Engineer