Ok so here is the situation....Windows XP SP3, ZCM 11 Agent, Novell Client Login Extensions 3.7.1

When ZCM Agent is installed it Adds this Key :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
GinaDll = "NWGINA.DLL"

Overwriting the MSGinaExtension.dll entry required for the "Forgotten Password" links on the Windows Logon/Unlock Screen.

If you change it back to what it should be, MSGinaExtension.dll, you will not Authenticate to the Realm when logging on. Passthough stops.

WTF is that all about? Why is NWGINA.DLL there, when the file doesn't even exist as there is NO NETWARE CLIENT.

This needs sorted ASAP, if not already with some patch. If there is a updated agent/patch can you let us know. We had an updated Agent but our Novell ZCM Specialist , initials SB, told us not to use it as it had issues.

Neil Buchanan
Standard Life Plc