I'm new here and i've got a problem which i didn't find the answer to it.

I'm using iFolder 3.8 server over SSL, configured to work on port 60500 instade of default 443.
web access is working very well, and before I changed the port, the client worked as well.

But now, after i chage the port, it seems like the client connecting but I can't see iFolders in the server I can ONLY create a new one, BTW, it's also syncing.
Anyhow I can't watch existing iFolders on the server!

I captured the connection packets with wireshark, at start it seems to work well on port 60500, but suddenly the client is trying to communicate on port 443 (sending SYN).
However the connection on port 60500 won't stop.

Does anyone had this problem before, or knows how to solve it?

Thanks alot.