I upgrade our ZCM11 Primary Server to SP1 and everything reported upgrading correctly.

I pushed the agent update out to a Windows XP Pro SP3 workstation, and now I cannot directly launch an Application bundles from the Start Menu by clicking on it's icon/shortcut.

The applications bundles/icons appear in the Start Menu/Zenworks folder structure just fine, however if I click on one to launch it, nothing happens.

I can right click on the application bundle icon and choose OPEN and it lauches fine

Further more if I configure the bundle to put the shortcut on the Desktop or in the Quick Launch area, they run fine just clicking on them.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the the Agent on the workstation and the agent status reports version for all the components (Bundle Management, Image Management, Inventory Management, Policy Management, Remote Management, User Management).

Does anyone have insight into what might be causing the issue.


- Al