Since moving our Netware servers over to OES2 Linux the first half of this year, we have been fighting two issues that seem to be unresolved (unresolvable?) by Novell tech support. NDSD crashes on OES2 SP3 far more often than it should and CIFS support on NSS volumes on OES2 SP3 becomes unresponsive about every 3 to 4 days and has to be restarted (sometimes the entire sever must be restarted). As far as I can tell from the forums, these issues have plagued pretty much everyone using OES2 SP3 and I have seen no patches come down through the update channels related to either problem. Could I please have an update from someone who would have the knowledge as to when we might see these issues addressed with patches?

I am saddened by the poor performance of OES services on Linux at this point. We fought a battle at the end of last year with our upper management to try and keep them from dumping Novell solutions in favor of Windows and we lost because of the instability of core services on Linux. If I could present some indication that things will be fixed in the near future, perhaps we could save at least part of our Novell installation here. I work for a school district that has over 22,000 students and faculty, so the loss to Novell should have made an impact, but to be honest it didn't seem to phase the Novell contact people we were working with. Should I just write Novell off permanently and get an MCSE certification or is there still some hope?