Environment is Zenworks 11, Cumulative agent 2a, Windows 7 SP1.

Zenworks 11 is working pretty well for our Windows 7 rollout, only about
50 PCs so far.

However, when we install the agent for Checkpoint's Endpoint Security
Management (version E80.20, build 730200189) the PC will blue screen
with STOP 0x0000008E in ZESFSFD.SYS. It occurs after the installation
reboot, when the boot process comes to the login window.

I can boot to safe mode, but am unable to uninstall either Zenworks or
Checkpoint. At this point the PC is bricked.

We are not running ZESM and have no plans to. As you can see we're
running a competitor's product for that functionality.

I read in a previous post about a possible workaround, running the ZESM
setup.exe to remove that component. However, we are using Locations.
Hate to lose that functionality, and I hate even more to run with a
hacked Zenworks configuration.

I'll refrain from ranting and raving about Novell including low-level
file system driver components for a product we don't own, without our
knowledge or consent...

Any ideas?

Phillip E. Thomas