So I'm finally jumping on ZCM and I've decided to use the appliance. I
was surprised to find that while the requirements for ZCM 11.1 call out
VMware 4.1 update 1, the OVA configures using the e1000 NIC, LSI
storage controller, and hardware version 4.

So here's my question - prior to starting ZCM 11.1, is there any reason
not to upgrade the hardware version to 7, change the NIC to VMXNET 3,
and the storage to paravirtulized SCSI? This is Novell's recommended
setup when deploying SUSE for VMware, so I'm curious given the
requirement of VMware 4.1 update 1, why ZCM 11.1 isn't deployed this
way to begin with?

Will changing the above prevent future upgrades to the appliance?