I need an iFolder genius!

I came in on Thursday of last week and iFolder wont connect. I eventually discovered an expired cert. and fixed that, since then, I have upgraded the server. I have upgraded IFolder. I rebooted the server 52 times over the past 3 days and after all of that there is still not a solution for IFolder. So here is the list issues that I have corrected with respect to IFolder and server of POW1.

1. expired certs. I had to rebuild the entire Certificate Authority because the Certs expired.

2. Apache had bad Cert. I have rebuilt and exported all the needed certs for Apache to run as SSL.

3. IPrint. I print had bad certs because the expired. IPrint relies on the SSL Certs that the server uses for it's SSL. If they expire they don't work.

4. IFolder 3.8.0. I have replaced the Certs it uses. I have made sure that the certs are valid, I have made sure that the certs that the LDAP server is using is valid. I have made sure that the cert that Apache is valid. I have Upgraded IFolder to the latest version of 3.8.0. I have reconfigured the ifolder-admin-setup, and ifolder-web-setup to make sure they are using the correct SSL Cert. All with no resolution to the issue.

5. I have upgraded the server to the latest patches of Novell and Suse. It is now running the latest version of eDirectory 8.8, the latest version of IFolder 3.8.0, IPrint, and all other software that makes up the server. The server still running Suse 10 SP3, and OES SP2. There was a patch to upgrade these to Suse 10 SP4, and OES SP3. But they are major upgrades and didn't seem to be anything that would help with the current issue.

6. After upgrading to the latest patches. I had to reconfigure the NAMCD, and LUM processes to work with the new patches. I have got the working and all services with exception to IFolder is working.

I am not really sure how to proceed with this issue. I have gone through all the forums and all the technical docs I could find and could not find the answer for why it is still failing. The issue no longer looks like an issue with the cert it looks like it is not working properly with LDAP to pass the authentication to the server using LDAP. When you login to IFolder it sends the authentication and credentials to LDAP for processing. But this seems to be failing. But I can't find any error messages telling me why. So I am kind of at a loss.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Sister Elizabeth
Powhatan School