fresh installed ZCM11SP1 with Oracle 11g2 on the same server (SLES11SP1).

When I rebootet the server (only with Oracle installed) everything was ok.

Then I installed ZCM11SP1 (no upgrade) and after a reboot of the server
I receive the following error messages:

"Starting INET services (xinetd) .... failed"
"Failed services in runlevel 3: xinetd"

But if I check the service after the login, everything seems ok
(/etc/init.d/xinetd status => "running").

In Yast => Network Service Configuration (xinetd):
Status=ON for x11vnc and xvnc (both: /opt/novell/zenworks/sbin/zrmservice).

Now my questions:
- is this a timing problem? and
- what can I do to eliminate the error messages at startup of the server?