Did an update from 10.3.3 to 11.1.

Primary Server (SLES11.1), Sattelite Server (2008R2) went well.

XP Workstation Upate (Novell Client installed) also without any probs.

Updated the first Win7Pro 64Bit WS with Novell Client 2SP1 (IR8):
Installation finishes without problems.

After reboot I enter the login credentials for Novell Client, this was succesful.

Then the ZCM Login Screen appears:
"Unable to log into the network because the login
credentials or the server certificate is incorrect."

I can cancel this - but this causes me not logged into ZCM.

Tried to zac unreg, zac reg without any results.
Tried to manually reinstall Casa.msi and authtokenclient.msi (helps when updating 10.3.2 to 10.3.3 earlier this year...) - no luck.

UAC is disabled. And yes it is Win7 Pro 64 Bit with SP1.

ZCM Agent is working so far as I can see, the device bundles are all there, but I can't login so the user bundles, policies do not work.

Any help?