We were and are still running a ZCM 10 setup and now I created a new ZCM 11 server with NO SP1 installed. I applied a couple of post patches.

I create the base image, installing the Novell Client, ZCM 11 agent and other software. This is on a Windows XP Pro SP3 install keep in mind. When I upload the image into Zenworks Imaging on my satellite server, the images always upload fine, no errors at all.

The issue is that when I download the images to other workstations, I receive a Blue Screen of Death immediately on the Windows XP loading screen telling me to run a chkdsk or uninstall Antivirus software, etc. I had this happen last year on one machine and it wasn't a huge issue because chkdsk fixed it. This year it's happening on 3 of our Dells. I did install the July imaging driver update and that didn't appear to fix the issue.

Could software be causing a problem? I've installed some other software that shouldn't cause any issues that I'm aware of, but I guess there is always a chance.

I was told applying SP1 might correct the issue with the blue screens, but then that's going to create a lot more work for me in the long run.

Has anyone had this experience before and know of any quick way to fix this?