I had no idea where to put this. I am trying to get my new windows 7 image rady for the new school year. I have installed the novell client for windows 7. In previous versions of the client you can set a default windows user by right clicking on the red n and going to system login profiles and setting one up. This is where you can setup credentials, edirectory, etc. then when a user would logon to windows they would enter there novell info then the windows logon would popup with the name I set up in the profile. now with the new client (2 SP1) I do not get the name i entered in the profile. I get the novell user name from the novell login? This is a user account with no password setup on windows. This way a user would login to novell then just hit enter when the windows login pops up. Now they have to backspace the name and reenter what I have typed into the login profile. It is as if the client is using a user profile not the system profile if that makes any sense?

Thanks for any Help, Chris