Zenworks Agent 11.1 not seeing version changes

We've had this problem with Zenworks 11 too, but we were hoping SP1 would have fixed this issue. After awhile clients will not see version changes unless you log out of the ZenAgent and then log back in.

Almost 24hrs ago we incremented an application to version 3. I've done the following from my workstation and have not seen version 3 of the app yet:

-Right Clicked ZenAgent -> Refresh
-zac ref
-zac ref bypasscache
-Ran Refresh Workstation from Zenworks Control Center

Here is the workstation information from Zenworks Control Center:

Last Full Refresh: 1:42 PM
Last Contact: 2:43 PM

It appears the ZenAgent is still talking to the Zenworks server, but I am not seeing the updated application.

As mentioned above the only fix I can find we can find is loggging out of the ZenAgent and then back in. I am not going to log myself out of the ZenAgent anytime soon, so if anyone has any suggestions I'd like to try them.