We are experiencing problems with new inventory data (Windows + MS SQL, Zenworks 11) not being processed since about a week - all new machines (added about fifteen a week ago) are doing an initial scan and the agens shows start and stop scan times, as well as latest upload date of inventory data. You can also look at the report on the client. On the server, however, there are a lot of XML files in the %zenworks_home%\work\collection folder. We have seen some ZIP files there, too, but they are processed and disappears after a while. No files in the "Success" or "Failure" folders, though. In %zenworks_home%\work\inventory folder there are two XML files, and in the UsageLogs folder there are a lot of *.CRP files, some with dates later than the date when new machines have been added.

When one looks at the new workstation's data in ZCC there is no data under the "Inventory" tab there is no data at all, even though the Summary tab has data for latest full refresh and latest contact. Old workstations and servers have data but it apparently doesn't get updated.

Anyone got an idea about this? Seems to me the server needs to have a queue reset or a "stat processing" command, but I cannot find info on where to apply it.