Hopefully this isn't a question that's been covered already. If so I wasn't able to find it.

I have migrated many Zen7 SnAppShots into ZCM11 that have hundreds of install actions defined. Registry edits seem to have automatically imported intelligently, with HKLM edits running as "System" and HKCU edits running as "User". The Create/Delete Directory actions all imported with "Run as logged in user" defined. The problem is our users do not have rights to perform these actions.
I have cleaned up several smaller bundles so far, but I'm looking for a quicker way to fix larger bundles than individually opening each action, changing the security level manually. Again, lots of bundles to go through with many, many actions.

The closest thing I've found to bulk changes to settings is using ZMAN to export the actions to XML, edit and import the actions back in. I'm currently working on a good way to find/replace the different operations in the XML without breaking it, but I'm wondering if I've missed a better way to make bulk changes to similar actions. I haven't found anything in the Zenworks Control Center web interface and admittedly, I haven't started working with AdminStudio, but I haven't found any documentation indicating that it would help.

I'd prefer to be able to quickly fix and run with imported Zen7 SnAppShots instead of having to re-create all of the bundles from scratch with AS.

Thanks for any assistance!