Today I got a call that email wasn't going out to the outside. I checked GWIA and I saw a lot of "Transaction failure (C04F)" in the verbose logs. I restarted the server and the MTA and everything is working for now. I've seen 820E before but never the C04F. I am currently running GWIA on a Windows 2008 Server (Yeah I know I know but I hope to have this changed very soon to SLES) in our DMZ but our Domain and MTA is running on Netware 6.5.7 also I have 2 post offices: one running on the same Netware server (which only have 12 users left along with some distributions list and resources) and the other Post office is running on SLES 10 Sp2 OSE2 (where the main users that were migrated over from the NetWare server).

The goal is the have the GWIA server, Domain and MTA on the same server and move away from NetWare since it will be out of life soon. I have built a server with SLES and OES2 and created a second domain. I will be putting the GWIA on this server to move away from having a drive mapped on the Windows 2008 Server to the Domain.

I was just curious about the here and now about the "Transaction failure (C04F)" Oh, I'm running GroupWise 8.02 HP1.

Thanks if you can help!