I have been running some sort of Windows 7 deployment on ZCM10.3.1 as well as ZCM11 for over six months. Mid June the school district moved to Panda Security Cloud Antivirus Product. Almost imediatly any Windows 7 (64bit & 32bit) system running ZCM11 as well as the Panda cloud system will either blue screen with a Driver Power State Failure or the Network portion of the OS because unstable and locks up the system. Panda has a NDIS module that when disables seems to help in most cases.

Is there any known issues between ZCM 11 and Panda Security products?

On a side note does anyone recommend a better AV product? Seems like I have had more issues with Panda Security the higher the version numbers go.

Hardware: HP/Compaq 610 620 & 4520s
Software: Windows 7 w ZCM11