Let me start with a super brief background - We don't use push or pull images. No deploy by MAC address PXE boot imaging, etc. All of our imaging operations are performed using the Zenworks BootCD and we like it that way. The management overhead for us to configure all the necessary components for the advanced features of imaging more than offset any savings we get from using them in our environment.

As such, here is my question - With Zenworks 7 imaging, I simply set up a SLES server and installed it onto the box. That server then functioned as an imaging server that we can send images two and retrieve them from. This works really well and I'd like to know if there is a way to do the same with ZCM 11?

Can I simply install just the imaging portion of ZCM 11 onto a separate server in the same way? Can anyone please take the time to help a long time ZFD from the first version up to 7 user get up to speed on this topic? I'd really appreciate it - so far our ZCM experience has been less than stellar. We are on 10 now and licensed for 11 which we'll move to once I can wrap my head around the imaging. Thank you so much.