I installed ZCM 11 in May and had Patch Management working great. The school district had to update license at the end of June and Patch Management stopped updating. I assumed that my license information was incorrect so called Customer Service to verify that everything was still in place as it was before the license was renewed. They had me create a new License code and deploy it to the server.

One thing I notice is that the License doesn't stay in the server. But the ZPM portion stats Active. The ZPM still is not downloading patches even after a reset. I suspect that the Subscription service isn't correct still and am having a hard time finding out how to resolve this. The Log file repeatedly has a Debug listing stating Subscription Download. I can't see where it actually states Failed but do see it repeatedly state it is downloading.

Subscriptioin Service History has Patches In Progress with a duration that will go all day (24 hours) and Successful (False) No error details.

Anyone have any ideas on the next step for this? I have actually been working on this problem on and off as I have time since early July. Now that school has started up I would like to resolve this so I can start deploying patches.