After upgrading to ZCM 11 SP1 and running into quite a few issues with the system-update deployment procedure and machines not being able to authenticate after upgrade, we decided to rebuild our Image and include the new agent so its a clean install. We are experiencing a couple of new issues;

1. After imaging a machine (Win7SP1 + ZCM11.1), the Desktop folder "ZENWorks Adaptive Agent" and our Start Menu "ZEN" folder no longer has the standard blue Zenworks shell icon. They both function like ZEN folders with regards to right-click actions, etc.. However, the icons are not correct and appear to be just the standard windows folder icon.
Anyone have any ideas on how to repair this?

2. When logging in as local administrator, if you attempt to access an Windows network share in explorer, provide credentials, Explorer.exe crashes once, consistently.

Any help is appreciated.