Happy using iFolder with XP, but ran into issues on Windows 7 (install must run as admin) - all the files download to the cache folder in programfiles/novell/ifolder.. however is not placed correctly in the designated iFolder folder (in this case the users Documents folder) only the empty directory structure shows up.

Tried to redirect the folder to a different location and this actually works as expected - so this leads me to my question: What in the security settings and/or setup of a users Document folder on Win7 is the cause of iFolder failing here ?

On a different note I know that there is a bug in ZCM 10.3 when accessing/editing text files via an action IF the files are located on a Win2008 server share - again most probably due to some "new" way security works on WinServ2008/Win7. I suspect that the root cause could be the same.

I could create a subfolder under Documents for the user (as suggested elsewhere in the forum) but it kind of defeates the purpose of the users, without knowing it, actually saves to an iFolder that is synced for backup/security reasons.

Any help out there ?

P.S. Yes the iFolder server is running on Netware 6.5 SP8, if it works dont fix it :-)