I'm probably re-awakening a previous thread but I'm hoping this is just a matter of an adjustment or two. Again, it may be that the functionality still isn't there. If that's the case, please tell me. And please excuse any extraneous information I may provide. I'd rather be complete than short of information.

I'm working on a program to provide information for the sub-admins at our various campuses by placing it in a DataView. The language is C# and I'm using Visual Studio Express. Ultimately I'd like to be able to have them check last client type, last login data, mailbox Size, etc. Some of these are available only in GW8 and some are only available in SP1 or SP2. Our primary domain and our post offices are at 8.0.2 HP2. Intellisense knows these properties exist but when I run the program and get to a point where I'm looking at some of this data I get a COM Exception stating "Member not found." I assume that the belated non-recognition is a late binding issue.

One of the functions displays the domain version but whereas the primary domain is definitely 8.0.2 the information pulled from the domain is showing "800". Can there be a possible mismatch between what a domain appears to be and what it's reported to be?

Under the heading of "mea culpa," initially I may have had a bad reference due to an earlier install of GroupWise that wasn't under the C:\Program Files directory structure. I've since cleaned out my GroupWise client install and re-installed it. I've removed the original GroupWare Admin type library reference and re-referenced it after my re-install of GroupWise. It points to gwcmb1.dll. Interop.AdminTypeLibrary.dll is in my Debug and Release folders, size 278,528 bytes and dated, strangely enough, 8/30/2011. Seems odd since most everything else is dated January of 2011. Is this due in some way to the date the solution was initiated regardless of actual date of the DLL?

The GroupWise snap-ins in ConsoleOne corrrectly identify the domain as being 8.0.2 and the properties for last client type and last login date are available, so the data is there. I just can't seem to get it through the API.

APIMajorVersion is showing 2.0, minor version of 0 but I don't think this is relevant. It may pertain to the old API gateway we had installed.

So, am I still missing a step somewhere? Do I have some sort of version mismatch?